Designing Oasis Points In Your Home

When we come home from a long day at work or other stressful events, the first thing that we want to do is slip into a hot bath and relax.  Filling the tub with essential oils, baby oil, lighting a few scented candles and turning down the lights is the perfect stage for a relaxing evening.  However, if your bathroom is a mess, the tub is old and worn and you just can’t find an oasis in your own home, consider bathroom refinishing virginia beach va.

Creating the perfect scene

Creating an oasis starts with creating a foundational scene in your home.  This is the lighting, music and aroma.  For lighting turning off the lights and resting by some candlelight lets in enough light to see and isn’t overpowering by the light.  Using tea lights and small candles will do the trick. 

When using candles make sure that you put them where they won’t get knocked over or come in contact with anything flammable.  Having a scented candle such as lavender will help to relax your body.  Finally, a low instrumental music cd or even some type of white noise such as oceans crashing, birds singing or the sound of rain will help finish off the peaceful mood.

With each person being different you have different tastes and desires.  The trick to creating the perfect oasis is to think relaxation.  In creating a relaxing environment less is more.  Trying to jam everything that is soothing into a quiet space will make you go nuts, distracting you from your goal.

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When in your oasis make sure that your family knows to leave you alone.  Don’t take in your cell phone or other distractions.  This is the time and place for you and your thoughts.  So, slip out of that robe, slide into the tub and after taking a sip of wine, enjoy the relaxing oasis you have created.